If you’re like many people, you’d love to start each day off with a gourmet coffee beverage from your local coffee bar. Or, perhaps you down a cup to increase your energy levels on the way to your boot camp North Shore class. You think you’re enhancing your success in doing so, but there’s a big problem with this.

That problem? You know that these gourmet coffees often pack in loads of calories, high amounts of sugar, and often far too much saturated fat to be considered healthy.

They’re filled with whip cream, full fat creamer, high sugar syrups, and other ingredients that just don’t make the cut for your fat loss diet plan.

So does that mean you have to forgo taste and stick with a bland cup of regular black coffee?

Not a chance. If you’re willing to get creative, you can still enjoy a morning treat while sticking with your diet plan.

Let’s go over three tasty options for you to consider so that you don’t derail the progress you should be seeing from your boot camp North Shore classes.

High Protein Mocha

The first way to serve up your coffee is hot mocha style. While most coffee houses will combine high fat chocolate milk with coffee to prepare this drink, you can make your own version by using chocolate protein powder instead.

Simply combine half to one scoop of chocolate protein powder with either water or milk and then mix with half a cup of coffee.

Add in some non-calorie sweetener like Stevia and you’ll have a beverage that contains very few calories and enough protein to feed your muscle tissues.

Blended Protein Smoothie

The next option to help begin your day in style is with a blended protein smoothie.  For this beverage, you’ll want to take your favorite decadent protein powder flavor (such as cookies and cream, chocolate brownie, vanilla, chocolate mint, or even caramel) and mix it together with about a half a cup of Greek yogurt.  This will create a very thick mixture to which you can add ½ to one cup of regular coffee depending on how thick you want the smoothie.

Serve with a sprinkling of cocoa powder or if you really want to get fancy, some low fat, light whipped topping.

Iced Coffee With Cream

Finally, the last way to prepare your own gourmet coffee beverage if you’re looking for something cold on a hot day is with iced coffee over ‘cream’.

To help reduce the calories and fat from this beverage, you’ll be using protein powder combined with milk rather than full fat cream and avoiding added high-sugar syrups.

First, mix together half a scoop of vanilla protein powder with half a cup of skim milk.

Next, add 1 tsp. vanilla extract to a cold cup of coffee.  Pour the milk mixture into the coffee and then fill another large cup half full of ice.  Pour your mixture over the ice and then serve immediately.

So next time you have the craving for a gourmet coffee beverage but don’t want to subject yourself to all the calories and damage to your diet, turn to one of these options instead.  Eating right doesn’t have to mean eating boring as long as you get a little creative.  Combine a smart diet with boot camp North Shore classes and you’ll be on your way to success.

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