If you’re getting started with aEastern Suburbs Boot Camp Workout session, it’s important that along with these efforts you are also making sure to follow a good nutritional protocol. This is what will ensure that you not only perform your best in each and every workout that you do, but that you also reach your body weight goals as well.

Eastern Suburbs Boot Camp Workout sessions and diet go hand in hand, so you really should never have one without the other.

Let’s look at a few quick diet tips to keep in mind that you should be using on a day to day basis.

Make Protein The Foundation Of Your Diet

First, for every meal and snack that you consume, try and focus your food intake around lean sources of protein.  Protein is the most important macronutrient that you should be eating, so it’s vital that you get enough of it.

High protein rich foods to focus on include chicken breasts, turkey breast, egg whites, fish and seafood, along with lean beef.  You can also add some low fat dairy into the mix as well, which has been proven to help accelerate belly fat loss.

Focus On Fresh Produce

Moving along, next to protein, you should also be making sure to add plenty of fresh produce to your diet as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables pack a slew of important nutrients that you need to consume on a daily basis and will all help ensure that you recover from each of the Eastern Suburbs Boot Camp Workout sessions that you do.

Plus, these are very low in calories, so you really can eat a high amount of them without risking weight gain.

Be a little more careful with fruits due to the added sugar content, but do make sure that you’re still getting two to three servings in each day.

Don’t Shun Healthy Fats

Finally, don’t make the mistake so many people do and shun all healthy fats.  Healthy fats should be a part of your usual diet plan as well as they are going to provide energy, keep your hormone levels balanced, and provide other vital functions in the body.

Just do watch them as their calories add up quickly. Measure them out and include them towards the end of the day when your carbohydrate intake should come down.

So there are the basic diet tips to remember as you move through your Eastern Suburbs Boot Camp Workout sessions. Plan out a good diet and it will pay off for you.